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Welcome to my Wiki page. Thank you for taking the time to read up about my webpage upon my gallery.

The reason I have created this gallery is to allow a place of operation among all my galleries across the internet. Take it as a place with no rules where all art pieces made from commissions to mini-projects to even drawing for fun are stored among here. This way not only can it become viewable to the public eye, but also a way where I can store artwork in a location without having to download the art picture. A big thank you to Magoloric and Ket Ralus for their help in showing me how to set this gallery up, because let me tell you. This was probably one of if not the hardest configurations of website building I have done.

An incident ended up happening on Furaffinity which opened my eyes. Some art pieces shouldn't be uploaded due to the chance of damaging a website's reputation, as well as against copyright materials against certain companies who created the characters that ended up getting me banned one day. After this, I was afraid of uploading art onto Furaffinity due to it possibly not only getting removed but also getting my entire account removed. What makes it worse was, this was during the beginning when I decided to do my biggest project that is still going on. To prevent this from occurring again, I needed a website of my own to organize things easier where work wouldn't be lost.

Now I'm still aware of the dangers of even uploading material not deemed appropriate, but as long as warnings and letting the viewers know what's being placed on here and why this was created, is mainly to have better control of things. If there is an art piece that is created by one's creator, I want to do my best to ensure the artist/creator is credited for the creation of that creature. Pornography is still art, and if the desires to do the same actions apply to the viewer from this. This isn't the artist's fault, but the individual who allowed themselves to view content like this. I cannot nor anybody can control what mindset is given. Art is art and frankly, more love should go to them rather than being removed.

At this point, I'm hoping to be a lot more active and even send art back to FurAffinity and the other galleries I have. At the same time, I'm hoping to continue my improvements in my art skills to someday become a teacher.

If you guys want to add me, check out my discord being KurtKoopa#2854, and telegram at KurtKoopa. Down the road planning on making a discord group page and a Telegram group page. ^^